parent for good dealing with parents

Getting the most out of family life


Parent for Good can help you to:

  • Understand anxieties and insecurities
  • Maintain respectful communication
  • Strengthen family relationships
  • Implement boundaries
  • Explore and resolve long-held issues
  • Cope with the effects of diminished mental health
  • Manage anger and frustrations, guilt or regret
  • Explore concerns surrounding health and mortality
  • Feel supported with change and loss

...and meet the challenges that occur in the cycle of family life

Caring for elderly parents can threaten the emotional health of caregivers and their families. As they and we struggle to understand their increasing frailty, vulnerability and loss of independence, we can be left feeling confused as we try to manage the change in family dynamics. Sometimes this can reveal fractures that stretch back to childhood and unlock our family’s hidden conflicts and resentments. 

I can help you to make sense of your situation and work on achieving practical and emotional solutions such as addressing difficult conversations and coping with guilt and anger.

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